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2014 Baby Quilt Show Slideshow

The 2014 TVCRN Baby Quilt Show Slideshow

The 2014 TVCRN Baby Quilt Show & Children’s Boutique was a success thanks to the generosity of many!
Congratulations to Barbara Huck of Weiser, the People’s Choice Award Winner; Mary Chamberlain of Vale, whose quilt was chosen as the “Judge’s Favorite;” and to Sylvia Johnson, Boise, whose quilt won in the “Best Traditional Baby Quilt” category.


TVCRN Video Tour

The Relief Nursery model is an excellent example of a wrap-around program that works! In this 13-minute video, you’ll learn how TVCRN’s efforts prevent child abuse and neglect while helping prepare children for kindergarten. The cornerstone of the Relief Nursery model is our therapeutic classroom in which interventionists and classroom assistants trained in child development use therapeutic approaches to teach social-emotional skills and help children heal from prolonged stress or traumatic experiences. Poverty begets many stresses, and with Malheur County being the highest poverty county in Oregon, we have a consistent waiting list for services. You’ll also learn how TVCRN is funded – and how you can help support our mission to keep children safe, strengthen families, resulting in a more successful community!

5th Annual TVCRN Relief Run Slideshow

TVCRN is a nonprofit that receives funding from several different streams. The first is a grant allocated by the Oregon State Legislature each biennium. Our Legislature knows that when Relief Nurseries do their job, it saves the State of Oregon money many times over. Economists estimate that for every dollar spent on Relief Nursery services, Oregon taxpayers save FOUR DOLLARS – a great return on investment! We also rely on private foundation grants. Both the State and private funders, however, call on us to raise local funds as well. The Relief Run Color Blast! is one way we raise those local funds. And, what a fun way it is! Special thanks to all our 2015 Relief Run sponsors, especially our Platinum Sponsor, Gentry Motors.

2014 Community Baby Shower Slideshow

Members of churches throughout the community, including Ontario First Church of the Nazarene, West Valley Methodist Church in Fruitland, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Ontario, brought dozens of baby clothes, diapers, and other items to the annual Community Baby Shower, hosted by the Oregon Dept. of Human Resources, Love INC, and the Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery.