TVCRN provides a combination of services to families enduring significant stress. Each of these services is offered free of charge, and participation is voluntary. (That’s one of the reasons why the model works!)

Therapeutic Classroom

Our Mission - FamilyChildren enrolled at TVCRN attend a therapeutic classroom twice weekly for 47 weeks of the year. The focus is on social-emotional skills, helping children ages 18 months to 5 years to develop a stronger sense of self. To see the significant changes in toddlers who arrive responding to everything with wailing and drama, or those who come to us severely angry, whose responses include shouting, hitting, or biting, is to witness something incredible. It is because of the consistent responses and actions of our nurturing classroom staff that significant strides are made.

Consider that 90% of brain development occurs by the age of 6. The architecture of the brain is making connections. Those things which a child knows to be true will likely have made an impression on his brain because they involved language, touch, sound, and movement – or the absence of them. Children learn to trust adults, learning that adults largely give direction in an effort to keep a child safe.

Our classroom is child-focused, meaning that although there is a consistent pattern to each day, children largely decide in which activity they’ll engage. Our well-trained staff uses what they know about the child, his current home situation, and the activity he’s chosen, to help move him toward the goals established by his parents with the child’s home visitor.


Home Visits

There is a large body of research showing that an evidence-based home visiting program consistently delivered over a large period of time, can substantially lift a family. Dr. John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist and brain researcher, cites the emotional stability of the home as the greatest predictor of intellectual success.

Our home visits center around child development and parenting strategies. By simply better understanding the ages and stages of infants, toddlers, and young children, parents’ expectations of their child’s behavior are more reasonable. Thus, they are less likely to respond with anger or violence.

It is perhaps a tertiary objective at the Relief Nursery, but our model also lends itself to kindergarten readiness. By helping children develop a strong sense of self, along with their social and emotional skills, children are better prepared for the academic learning in kindergarten. And, kindergarten teachers can focus on instruction instead of having to discipline children who misbehave.


Family Connection Events

Staff also provide a monthly Family Connection Event for our parents. These events include a program, often with a guest speaker, which centers on a topic that is helpful to our clients. Past topics have included:

  • Cooking nutritious meals on a budget
  • The importance of reading to children
  • The connection between music and learning
  • How to go back to school (GED or Associate’s)
  • Grooming behaviors of child predators
  • No-cost & Low-cost stress relief methods

We provide child care for parents, when needed, and light refreshments are served. Some Family Connection events provide opportunities for positive parent-child interactions.

Since we first began providing these events, they have been sponsored by the Jubitz Family Foundation. We can’t thank Ray Jubitz and his board enough for supporting this important program.

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Our Outcomes

Our Mission - FamilyA two-year Portland State University study shows statistically significant and meaningful improvements across a variety of areas, including:

  • Increased parent employment
  • Improved quality of parent-child interactions
  • Increased frequency of reading to children
  • Reduced number of family risk factors
  • Improved family functioning and stability
  • Reduced use of emergency room services
  • Increased rates of child immunizations

Relief Nurseries have a proven record of stabilizing fragile families, improving parenting, and helping to set the stage for long-term success for children.

For more information see Portland State University Evaluation of the Oregon Relief Nurseries.