Jim Petterson, Bus Driver

Born in Newark , New Jersey, but raised in Santa Clara Valley, Calif., Jim Petterson began his career as a service station manager and auto mechanic. After five years, he moved into the electronics industry as a production maintenance trainee, and 10 years reached the level of Senior Mechanical Equipment Engineer for the first LED/LCD watches made by Fairchild Semiconductor Co. After being in charge of all maintenance for several companies as Corporate Facilities Director for more than 30 years, Jim switched gears and moved to Ontario, Oregon, where he became the Maintenance Supervisor for the Ontario School District. He would serve in one more leadership capacity as head of all maintenance, grounds, and transportation for the Parma School District before retiring in 2008.

Jim didn’t make a very good retiree, so he started driving buses and vans for local transportation companies as well as working part-time at a local gym.

Over the past 25 years, he has coached junior bowling, P.A.L. football, and Little League – all of which have provided him with great memories.

“Now, I’m here at TVCRN; I really enjoy being around the little ones and it reminds me of a phrase the Ontario School Bond Task Force coined when I was serving on that team, “The Children of Today are the Leaders of Tomorrow!” Jim is now part of the TVCRN team, and understands that all staff members are focused on helping build children’s self-confidence and resiliency.

“If I can help by getting even one child to smile or laugh, it is the beginning,” Jim says. “I believe anyone can be all they can be, if they’re given a goal, some direction, and an opportunity.”