What can YOUR donation do for YOUR local relief nursery?

Help to nourish a child in our nursery.

foot_blank_nobackgroundcolor50x40Pledging $12 each month, provides milk for every child in the nursery for that month.

A $7 monthly contribution feeds a toddler in our care for an entire year.

Donating $3 from each paycheck will buy paper plates for one month, saving us labor costs if we were to hand-wash re-usable plates.

A Waiting List isn’t a Number, it’s Children at Risk

foot_blank_nobackgroundcolor50x40_2A cash donation to our Building Fund will help us in our effort to serve more children. In our new building we will serve up to 32 more children right away, and will have the capacity to add programs, such as one for teen parents in our community.

Preparing children to read takes books.

foot_blank_nobackgroundcolor50x40A $10 monthly pledge allows us to maintain a library of new, quality, paperback and hard-cover children’s books.

An $8 pledge each pay period could help provide families with books so parents can help their children develop a love of reading.

Having $5 withdrawn from each paycheck can go a long way, as we find gently-used children’s books at local yard sales and thrift stores.

Children need to explore and exercise.

foot_blank_nobackgroundcolor50x40_2When the weather cooperates, we make sure children have opportunities to encourage their gross motor skills. A one-time gift of $68 would buy a child-sized picnic table, while a $59 contribution would buy a canopy.

A one-time donation of $10 provides a can of sunscreen, and a monthly withdrawal of $4 would provide a plastic pail and shovel for each toddler as well as a container of bubbles or fake snow.

Relief Nurseries depend on caring volunteers.

foot_blank_nobackgroundcolor50x40When you donate $63, you pay for the background check of an out-of-state volunteer. (All adults must pass this check to work with children.)

For just $6 a month, you can help sponsor our volunteer recognition activities — small events that honor those who gives these children the most valuable gift one can give — his or her time.

Your $2 monthly pledge would provide training materials for volunteers.

We focus on our parents, too.

foot_blank_nobackgroundcolor50x40_2Because most of our parents have no vehicle, they walk several blocks to and from the nursery. A $4 gift provides a case of bottled water.

Your $9 monthly pledge would provide bus tokens for our parents who don’t drive, or gasoline gift cards for our parents who do.

Because seeing one’s parents reading is key to developing reading skills, a $20 donation provides a subscription to a magazine like Family Fun.