Friends of TVCRN

Bob & Linda Quinn Give Back to the Community

edited_IMG_2873_300_frameWe love our family and we love this community. We have a large, blended, extended family that now includes great-grandchildren, and we can’t imagine not being there for one another. So, to think about a struggling family – especially one with infants or toddlers – not having a strong support system, is one of the key reasons we support the work of our local Relief Nursery.

As business owners, we appreciate the costs associated with operations from the power bill to payroll taxes, and we understand how difficult it can be to create a budget. For this reason, we’ve chosen to make a monthly donation to TVCRN, as well as give occasional gifts of cleaning supplies or children’s clothing.

We have been blessed and feel fortunate we are able to support a nonprofit with such an important mission. Any incident of child abuse is one too many, and we want to help prevent it. Any child we can help prepare for kindergarten is a child worthy of our investment.

–       Bob & Linda Quinn

Dennis and Sherri Hironaka Give Back to the Community

3aWe have been very fortunate. We had meaningful careers and now have the resources and good health to do many of the things we’ve wanted to do as retirees – mostly, that includes spending time with family (think: grandchildren) and friends. But it also includes the opportunity to give back to a community we love. There are certain things we especially care about in this community and when it came time to sit down and think about what we want to leave as a legacy, the Relief Nursery was among those Treasure Valley causes we want to support even after we’re gone.

We regularly give to TVCRN, whether it’s bringing a case of paper towels to their Stuff the Bus event, or donating during their year-end campaign. We believe that this organization is truly helping others, and we were in public education long enough to know that many, many families need help and if they’d only received it sooner, maybe their children could have avoided some of their struggles in school.

We don’t plan on going anywhere soon, but we love the thought of helping struggling families – even after we’re gone.

–    Dennis and Sherri Hironaka, Ontario