Birthday Cards

Children’s Birthday Cards, as our classroom staff presents each child with a book and a card on his/her birthday.

Children’s Activities

Shaving Cream – Stickers – Play Dough – Tempura Paint – Children’s Music CDs – Small Dry Erase Boards – Dry Erase Markers – New or Gently Used Books for Toddlers

Gift Cards

Gift Cards to: Grocery Stores – Office Supply Stores – Hardware Stores – Book Stores – Local gas stations (These are used for nursery supplies or to assist our clients with their needs. Parents residing some distance from the nursery are especially appreciative of gas cards.)

Nursery Needs

Laundry detergent, Dryer Sheets, Bleach

Office Supplies

8 x 11 Copy Paper – Postage stamps – Duct Tape – Masking Tape – Packing Tape – Black Ink Pens – Card Stock Paper – Manilla Envelopes

Personal Care

Pull-ups in all sizes – Baby Shampoo/Children’s Shampoo – Feminine Products (tampons/pads) – Hand Sanitizer