Foundation Sponsors

Gary M. Anderson Children’s Foundation

Gary M. Anderson wrote that, “Disadvantaged children should be given personal assistance as early in life as possible.” Through his foundation, TVCRN has received funds in 2012-13, 2014-15, and 2016-17, for our therapeutic classroom,  home visiting program, and most recently, for the meals/nutrition element of our program. Our sincere appreciation goes out to the Board of Trustees at the G. M. Anderson Children’s Foundation for its consistent support of our work.

The Autzen Foundation

The Autzen Foundation has supported TVCRN with monies for general operations for three years, and in 2016-17, generously provided us with a $12,000 grant to help us as we added more slots in our therapeutic classroom. Thank you to the Autzen board of directors for supporting our efforts to prevent child abuse and ready at-risk children for kindergarten! The Autzen Foundation is a private foundation that supports projects in the Pacific Northwest focused on youth, education, the arts, and nature.

Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon

Childrens Trust Fund Of OregonThe Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon’s mission is to prevent child abuse in Oregon through strategic investments in proven, best-practice programs, public education and research. TVCRN is proud to be among the programs and projects receiving CTFO funding. We received an $8,000 grant over two years for general operating expenses.

The Clark-Lewis Foundation

The Clark-Lewis Foundation, under the leadership of Candace Clark Holzgrafe, awarded TVCRN $5,000 for general operations in 2014-15. We appreciate the generosity of this Oregon foundation.

The Collins Foundation

collins_200The Collins Foundation is an independent, private foundation that was created in 1947 by Truman W. Collins Sr. and other members of the family of E.S. Collins. It exists to improve, enrich, and give greater expression to humanitarian endeavors in the state of Oregon and to assist in improving the quality of life in the state.  TVCRN is grateful to have received $25,000 from the foundation for our 2015-16 operations and $15,000 for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

Dave’s Killer Bread Grant

DKB_logoDave’s Killer Bread awards multiple grants each year to provide general operating support to organizations that support the following causes in a meaningful way: Youth affected by the criminal justice system, Youth job skills training, or Education for at-risk youth. Children at risk for abuse or neglect are at a greater risk of entering the criminal justice system, so we greatly appreciate Dave’s Killer Bread awarding TVCRN $5,000 each of the past three years.


The Ford Family Foundation

The Ford Family FoundationThe Ford Family Foundation is all about successful citizens and vital rural communities and has long been a strong supporter of many activities supporting leadership and nonprofit work in Ontario and Malheur County. TFFF, with priority areas in child abuse prevention and early childhood education, has consistently supported TVCRN. The Foundation has funded some board training, generously gave us $225,000 for the construction of our building, and most recently helped us after having spent so much on snow removal in the winter of2016-17. Thank you, Ford board members and staff!

The Harrington Family Foundation

The Harrington Family FoundationThe Harrington Family Foundation awarded TVCRN a $3,000 grant to be used for professional staff development. The HFF supports non-profits providing health, education, and social services for children within Oregon. TVCRN thanks the Harrington Family for awarding a second $3,000 grant, to help with expenses tied to our therapeutic classroom for 2013-14.

H.J. Heinz Foundation

H.J. Heinz FoundationThe H.J. Heinz Foundation awarded TVCRN a $5,000 Community Grant in 2013, to purchase furniture, play structures, manipulatives, and other materials in its therapeutic classroom. A $1,500 gift was made to our Building Fund Project in 2014. Promoting the health and nutritional needs of children and families in communities where Heinz operates.

IDACORP Community Service Fund

For each of the past four years, Idaho Power’s IDACORP Employee Fund has awarded TVCRN grants ranging from $400 to $700 to help us with expenses related to our programs. This spring, through their community fund, they generously awarded us $1,500 to be used for our playground project. These funds are made available through volunteer employee contributions and corporate matching funds. Thanks, Idaho Power!

The Samuel S. Johnson Foundation

Founded by Samuel S. Johnson and his wife, Becky, in 1948, this central Oregon foundation has funded numerous projects that foster respect for nature, history, and education. Since 2015, TVCRN has received $2,500 from this foundation for training and other expenses related to our programs. Its current president, Betsy Johnson, serves in the Oregon State Senate, and is a strong supporter of Relief Nurseries. The Foundation again awarded TVCRN $2,500 to assist with operations in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

The Jubitz Family Foundation

 The Jubitz Family FoundationFor the past four years, the Jubitz Family Foundation has awarded TVCRN a grant to fund our monthly Family Connection events. These gatherings are an opportunity for families to learn important information, engage in a fun activity with their children, and build their support networks as they meet other families. The Jubitz Foundation’s mission is to enhance the communities in which we live by strengthening families, by respecting the natural environment, and by fostering peace.

The Lamb Foundation

The Lamb FoundationIn 2012-13, the Lamb Foundation awarded TVCRN a $10,000 grant to be used for needs in the area of technology. The Lamb Foundation awarded TVCRN a $12,000 grant in 2013-14 to help with general operating expenses, and most recently, gave TVCRN $10,500 to be used for its playground project. The mission of the Lamb Foundation is to support creative programs to improve the quality of human experience. TVCRN sincerely appreciates the support of Lamb’s board of directors..

The Charlotte Martin Foundation

header4bA key interest area of the Charlotte Martin Foundation is enriching the lives of youth. Its founder, Charlotte Yeoman Martin, wanted to see that children had opportunities to participate in cultural and athletic activities. TVCRN has annually received grants to allow the older siblings of children we serve in the nursery to do just that. These children, age 6 and older, have had the opportunity to participate in local soccer and basketball programs, perform in children’s theatrical productions, participate in weekend science events, and enroll in Camp Elderberry, among other cultural and athletic activities thanks to the Charlotte Martin Foundation. We consider the Ontario Community Library, Four Rivers Cultural Center, Camp Elderberry and other local organizations to be among our partners in this effort to give at-risk children a broad range of enriching experiences.

MDU Resources

Cascade Natural GassMDU Resources is committed to supporting the communities in which its businesses operate. Through the MDU Resources Foundation, the corporation can share its success and help its neighbors make the communities better places to live and work. Cascade Natural Gas is one of the companies owned by MDU Resources. As a company, CNG contributes to efforts in health and human services, education, arts and culture, environmental protection and conservation of natural resources, and civic and community development. The MDU Resources Foundation awarded a $5,000 grant to TVCRN for the operation of its therapeutic classroom.

Meyer Memorial Trust

Meyer Memorial TrustGrounded in a vision of a flourishing and equitable Oregon, MMT is committed to investing n change at the systemic level to ease inequities and disparities. TVCRN is grateful to have been awarded, in 2011, a $95,000 grant over a three-year-period, to bring staff members to full-time. In 2015, Meyer presented $25,000 to us for general operations. And, in 2016, awarded us $200,000 for our new Relief Nursery. We are forever grateful to this foundation for their investment in and commitment to Eastern Oregon.

Marilyn Moyer Charitable Trust

Trust-LogoThe board of directors of the Marilyn Moyer Charitable Trust have awarded TVCRN an $8,000 grant to cover costs associated with training staff in the Parents as Teachers curriculum, as well as maintaining our certifications in 2014-15. The Trust is named after Marilyn Moyer, whose life and career exemplified ingenuity and hard work – both of which were always accompanied by a great Irish sense of humor. Known for helping others, her family carries on her legacy through this trust. We are honored to receive their support.

Oregon Community Foundation

Oregon Community Foundation The OCF is committed to improving life and uniting Oregonians through philanthropy. OCF has generously awarded three grants to TVCRN since we opened our doors. The first was for $22,440 for therapeutic classroom toys and furniture. The second (Betty Lou Roberts Fund) was a matching grant for $15,000 for our home visiting program. Most recently, OCF awarded our Relief Nursery $60,000 (from the Judith K. Hofer Philantrhopic Fund and the E. Henry Wemme Fund) for expenses related to technology, telephones, and security in our new building.

Oregon Food Bank Network Support Fund

edited_OFBWe are fortunate to be a community partner with the Oregon Food Bank Southeast Oregon Services. TVCRN has been awarded two grants during our partnership. One provided us with a large pantry cabinet and a three-tier lazy susan for food storage. The second was for a new faucet, a food processor, and a laptop computer so our cook could more easily enter meals into the USDA online system.


The Randall Charitable Trust

randall_logo2The Robert D. and Marcia H. Randall Charitable Trust awarded TVCRN a $9,000 grant for its home visiting program in 2013-14, and in 2016-17, $10,000 for our therapeutic classroom. This trust was founded to improve and enrich the lives of people in the Pacific Northwest by supporting organizations that provide opportunity to the underprivileged and promote personal responsibility and initiative. We are grateful to this Trust for its generous giving in Oregon!

Reser Family Foundation

Reser Family Foundation The Reser Family Foundation was formed in 2010 to serve as a vehicle through which the legacy of the family values cherished by Al and Pat Reser could be honored. The foundaiton makes innovative, transformational and charitable contributions in the areas of the arts, education, environment and health that can result in broad public benefit in Oregon. TVCRN is honored to have been awarded a $5,000 grant for operation of its therapeutic classroom for the 2014-15 year.

Nancy & Richard Silverman Charitable Foundation

The Nancy & Richard Silverman Charitable Foundation has graciously awarded TVCRN a grant for $5,500 to be used for the operation of our therapeutic classroom in 2014-15. We thank Stefanie Silverman and the foundation for its support of our program and for supporting other organizations serving children in need throughout Oregon.

St. Luke’s Community Health Improvement Fund

st-lukes_200In keeping with our mission to improve the health of people in our region, St. Luke’s Health System is committed to improving the health of the communities they serve. As one way to achieve that goal and also provide effective stewardship and accountability for community resources, St. Luke’s has established a Community Health Improvement (CHI) Fund to support, fund, and implement community health improvement activities. St. Luke’s awarded TVCRN $1,100 for its client assistance fund for 2016. These funds help our clients when an emergency situation arises, that would otherwise further add to a struggling family’s stress.

The Storms Family Foundation

The Storms Family Foundation The Storms Family Foundation has awarded TVCRN $8,250 to be used for training, specifically in the area of caring for children with special needs. This Oregon foundation was established in 2007. It was made possible through the generosity of Mark and Doris Storms and family and embodies their belief that human life should be respected and dignified.

H.A. Templeton Foundation

H.A. Templeton’s board of trustees strives to strengthen the quality of life in a community, with special emphasis on supporting youth. This foundation has been very supportive of TVCRN’s efforts to strengthen struggling families, awarding us grants for our home visiting programs  in 2012-13, 2014-15. In 2015-16, Templeton trustees awarded us $10,000 to help serve two children in the nursery for a year. Thank you, Templeton Foundation!

The Walters Family Foundation

Walters Family Foundation The Walters Family Foundation, established in 1999, has awarded TVCRN $4,735 for curriculum and assessment needs for 2014-15, and $1,830 for the DADS 4 Life program at Snake River Correctional Institution (for which TVCRN acts as the fiscal agent). The Walters Family Foundation, started by Glenn and Viola Walters, is committed to bettering the lives of the less fortunate, particularly those programs which enable at-risk individuals and at-risk families to become productive and self-sufficient members of society, as well as contributing to the overall betterment of society.

Wheeler Foundation

Originally started by philanthropist Samuel Wheeler, this foundation exists to foster, develop, promote, and encourage health, education, and general welfare, focusing primarily on the resident of the Pacific Northwest, California, and Arizona. The foundation supports projects which improve the quality, accessibility, and relevance of life-long learning; activities which increase an individual’s health; and activities which have strong community involvement and which enhance the community’s livability and economic and/or cultural well-being. TVCRN is grateful for $10,000 grant for general operating expenses for the 2013-14 year, and again in 2015-16, to help provide nursery services for two children for a year.