Making a planned, deferred or estate gift allows your commitment to our community’s health to live on for many years. Below are descriptions of popular types of planned gifts to help you and your advisers get started.

Planned Giving Opportunities

Wills and Bequests

Make a gift in your will. When you leave a bequest to Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery, you can make a generous gift without reducing your current income. You can create special funds in your name or in memory of loved ones. Charitable bequests are normally deductible in full for estate tax purposes.

Life Insurance

Use a life insurance policy to make a substantial gift. If you have a life insurance policy that you no longer need, a gift of life insurance may be appropriate when the growth of your assets or the reduced needs of your dependents make the policy unnecessary.

Income-Producing Plans

Charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

A charitable gift annuity is one of the easiest and most popular ways to make a charitable gift and receive an annual income.

A charitable remainder trust makes periodic payments to one or more individuals for life(s) or for a term of years.

Charitable Lead Trusts

A charitable lead trust can provide significant charitable and tax benefits. During the term of the trust, a percentage of the assets is paid out each year to Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery, and at the end, all of the remaining assets can return to you or pass to your heirs. Gift or estate tax paid on this gift can be reduced because the present value of the payments to Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery is subtracted from the value of the gift.

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