“I wanted to say thank you for everything you and your donors have done for my family. The gift card and turkey were a great help (this past Christmas). My son has loved going to the nursery and I have been able to see the difference in him. Thank you for all your hard work and caring.”
From a mother, who has endured various struggles and is now attending TVCC full-time.


“I truly feel that I would not be where I am today without the love and support from the Relief Nursery. I’ve met the most incredible people while being involved with the nursery. Both Carla and Kim have been so helpful and encouraging to help me reach new goals and keep pushing forward when I just felt like giving up. My children have just learned so much at the nursery: Social, emotional, and educational skills. The Relief Nursery is doing so much for this community and I’m so grateful for what they have done for my family.”
From a mother, who survived domestic violence in a previous relationship; now remarried and the family is thriving.


“The nursery has been great for my son. He gets to see kids his age and now is learning so much about social interaction. His verbal outputs have also made great gains during his time there. This is a wonderful program for at-risk and special needs kids!”
From a mother, whose family members have been incarcerated and whose 3-year-old child still was not speaking.


“While in the classroom, our children receive amazing interaction with caring adults, and we parents get a much-needed break. Transitions into talking and potty training were so much easier thanks to the nursery. I recommend it often to my friends.”
From a family, that has endured poverty and infidelity.


“My children have been more respectful and kind since they have been at TVCRN. They seem happy to see me now. Before, they were angry. it was the only other place they could go during our crisis where I knew they would be safe and cared for. They love it there!”
From a family, touched by addiction recovery and foster care.


“Since she has been there, her vocal sounds have improved, her attention span has grown, and she interacts with other children so much better. I would love to have the staff at the Relief Nursery continue to have interactions with my daughter throughout her development. These people are by far the best in their field.”
From a parent, in abject poverty whose child was diagnosed with a rare condition.


“I’ve had my ups and downs in my life for the last few years, but the Relief Nursery has always been there to support and encourage me. This program really does help the community. therer’s amazing, dedicated staff that makes the children and their families feel welcomed and comforted. I’m thankful for this program, especially for Carla. My kids love her; she has a huge heart!”
From a parent, touched by domestic violence.


“They always help me, whether it’s with clothing or diapers or books. The entire staff there always has nice things to say to all the children and their families. This is the best program I have ever been part of. They make a big difference in this community.”
From a grandparent, raising several grandchildren.


“My home visitor, Yvette, always lets us know there are resources for our family – like counseling. It is very nice to have a three-hour break and to also know your children are in good hands.”
From a parent, whose spouse died suddenly after their third child was born.


“People need to realize this is a very important asset to our community. The staff mentors and teaches our young children to become better citizens. Our child didn’t know how to play with other children and was awkward when around other kids. His social skills have really improved; he loves going to the nursery! They have helped us immensely.”
From a couple, struggling with their relationship and a special needs child.


“Among other things, our interventionist, Yvette, has provided activities during home visits that helped open the line of communication for a foster child new to our home. The Relief Nursery is a great asset to the City of Ontario and Malheur County. It provides a serves that helps parents and youth gain skills that will help in supporting a strong family in the future.”
From a foster parent, who kept the children in our program after they were removed from the home.


“Miss Emily is our interventionist. Every home visit, she impressed me with how she handles the kids when they get frustrated or angry. She is very considerate and patient. I also appreciate how she includes my oldest grandchild in the activities, even though he is too old for the nursery. TVCRN is definitely an awesome organization to donate to or to send your children to. All the staff there are very nice and easy to talk to. They understand what I’m going through and work with me on all accounts. I tell a lot of people about TVCRN!”
From a grandparent, raising several grandchildren.


“This place is amazing! I’m so thankful for each and every teacher and volunteer. My kids love it there and during home visits, you help every time! To watch someone else read to or teach my children allows me to see skills in a different way. The kids love when Yvette comes!”
From a parent, who has endured drug recovery and the loss of her mother.


“I appreciate all the information they give me to help me find what I need in the community. The nursery is a good place for young children to be.”
From a parent, whose spouse is incarcerated and who has no vehicle.