edited_img_3633Tessa Weisgerber, Classroom Assistant

You can take the girl out of the cheerleading squad, but you can’t take the cheerleader out of the girl. Or, at least it’s something like that when it comes to Tessa Weisgerber. Miss Tessa continues to be a strong supporter of Ontario High School athletics and loves encouraging children of all ages to be their best.

“Children are genuine – in their emotions, actions, and thinking,” she says. “It is awesome to witness them problem-solving or showing empathy, to see their general growth and development. It’s truly me learning from them as much or more than them learning from me.”

An avid reader, Tessa looks for books that grip her from the beginning. She enjoys opportunities to be creative (think glitter), with her most frequent creative outlet being her nail designs. Mostly, she enjoys being anywhere with husband, Jonny, or son, Ethan.

Tessa came to the nursery with over 10 years of experience working with children, and is certified in therapeutic intervention and has earned her paraprofessional license.

“I love doing anything that really makes me laugh because laughing is the best,” Tessa says. Perhaps that’s the reason she loves being in the therapeutic classroom with little ones at the Relief Nursery.

“The children put a smile on my face every day,” she says.