Hayley Caywood, Classroom Assistant

Hayley Caywood came to TVCRN as a work study student from Treasure Valley Community College studying elementary education. More than a  year later, after she had said her good-byes, she returned as an employee – a substitute classroom assistant. When a position became available soon afterwards, Hayley jumped in to work as many hours as possible as a classroom assistant while still enrolled in school, now adding early childhood education to her studies.

Raised in Arock, Oregon, it isn’t surprising her favorite music is country, and she enjoys to concerts – especially those of country western artists. Spending time with her family and cooking with her roommates have become favorite pastimes, as well as do-it-yourself crafts. Hayley also isn’t afraid to tie back her long reddish-blonde hair and play a game of volleyball or basketball. When you get to know Hayley, you’ll also learn she loves pasta, seafood, fresh strawberries and watermelon –and any type of Mexican cuisine.

“Children are a huge blessing and I love watching children grow and walk down a positive path,” Hayley says. “Well-developed children make for hard-working, successful adults. TVCRN and its staff have taken on an amazing mission and I’m proud to be part of it.”