Board of Directors

Cali Burzota, chair

board2Owner, Bello Lane, Ontario

Cali Burzota joined the TVCRN Board of Directors in December 2011. For many years she had been active in the community, supporting entities such as the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, the VFW, Veteran Advocates of Ore-Ida, and St Peter Catholic School. When she learned of the Relief Nursery’s work, she began donating items for their kitchen and classroom as well as discounting many TVCRN print requests at her then business, Calibur Graphics/B&B Printing.

Burzota opened a home décor business in 2014, inspired by her love for design. She sold B&B Printing in May of 2016 to dedicate more time to running an online business and a local store front.

Burzota’s life experiences bring her a great appreciation for the situations in which TVCRN families find themselves. Growing up in Burns as the youngest of three children, with 18 years difference between she and her next oldest sibling, and then getting married at age 18 and having her second child at the age of 20, she recognizes that every family comes with its own set of dynamics that cause tensions and concern. While raising her own children, she entered the sandwich generation and helped care for her mother when she began suffering from dementia. She and her husband have each fought their own health battles in recent years.

“Life can throw a lot of curve balls at you,” Burzota said. “Sometimes, you have a strong enough faith, and a supportive enough circle of friends and family to help you dodge them or endure them. Having a Relief Nursery in our community to help struggling families can only be a good thing. To help people who need help, can’t be anything but positive for our entire region, and I want to be a part of the ‘Village’ that will make a difference in a child’s life.”

Burzota has been part of the Ontario area since her family moved here when she was in junior high. Her first part-time job as a high school student was at Burger West. “I’ve never had a job I didn’t like,” Burzota said. “I learned from all of them and created life-long friendships every place I have worked.”

Burzota enjoys traveling, especially when extended family and friends join she and her husband. Their son Kyle, served seven years in the United States Air Force, leaving in 2015 and moving to Boise. Their daughter, Tawni, also resides in Boise and commutes to Ontario where she is a dental assistant, works with her mother at Bello Lane building their online business and creating new furniture pieces. They are active members of Bethany Presbyterian Church.

Burzota sites this statement from Malcom Bane as one which keeps her focused on community service: “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing nothing for nobody.”

Matthew Berria, vice chair

Matt_Berria_editedTVCRN was excited when Matt Berria, PhD., accepted our invitation to join our board of directors in the fall of 2015. A long-time community member, Matt’s well –known in the area. This may be because he is an Ontario High School alumnus, or because he is married to fellow OHS graduate Melanie (nee Russell). It may be because he has two great kids: Matea and Mikel.

For many parents with young children, he’s Dr. Matt, a physician assistant at Snake River Pediatrics. Others may recognize him as a member of Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Fruitland, where he resides, or as an active member of the Ontario Basque Club.

Other long-time residents of the area may know him as a faithful weight-lifter at Oregon Street Gym or recognize him from when he first began lifting at Tony Keim’s gym.

However one might know Matt Berria, we hope folks will now start to recognize him as a “TVCRN Board Member.”

“I’m very invested in this community, as is my extended family,” Matt said. “It’s easy to get behind something like our local Relief Nursery because it helps very young children to be safe and better prepared for kindergarten.”


Sara Holland, secretary

Sara_Holland_editWhen Sara Holland learned about TVCRN’s efforts to help young children, she immediately asked how she could help. A pediatric oncology nurse for 12 years, and a mother of two little girls, Sara joined the board in September 2015 with a passion for the mission.  Helping struggling children is something she had some experience with professionally and as a long-time volunteer at Camp Rainbow Gold, a nonprofit youth camp for children receiving cancer treatments.

“I want to help families change their situation for the better, and I believe in what the Relief Nursery is doing to improve the lives of kids, which in turn, improves our own community,” Sara said.  “As a parent of two young  children, and as one with a long history of working in pediatrics, I know that a  healthy, happy child involves not only the child, but the whole family.”

An alumna of Ontario High School, Sara is proud to have returned to the Western Treasure Valley community with her husband, Brad, to be closer to family. They are making their home in Fruitland.


Angie Grove, director

Angie_Grove_editedOriginally from Scio, Oregon, it’s unlikely that Angena Grove could ever have imagined a time when she’d be nearing her 20th wedding anniversary, being a busy co-owner of a restaurant/pub and a coordinator for a student exchange program, while playing a very active role in the lives of two daughters. But, Angie couldn’t imagine life any other way. The active community member is a former DestiNation ImagiNation coach, high school volleyball coach, and an active member of the Ontario Lions Club. This is in addition to her service on the TVCRN Board of Directors, on which she has served since September 2015.

“I love my family. I love my community. And, I love traveling,” Angie says. “I’m blessed to be able to indulge all those passions!”

She and her husband Shawn enjoy growing their extended “family” by serving as hosts for exchange students each year. The owners of Mackey’s Steakhouse & Irish Pub (named after Shawn’s grandfather) are known by many in the community as good friends. TVCRN is proud to have Angie on its Board and count her among our supporters!


Maria Lopez, director

Maria_Lopez_editedMaria Lopez was born in Texas and raised in Ontario, Oregon.  At a young age, she began working in the fields and in an onion packing shed while attending school.  After she graduated from Ontario High School, she enrolled at Treasure Valley Community College.

“While at TVCC, I began my career with the federal government, working part-time for the Social Security Administration, then attained full-time employment with the U.S. Department of Agriculture,” she explains, noting that while employed with the Farm Service Agency as a Farm Loan Officer, working with the agricultural community was a very rewarding job. “When I began in 1977 with USDA, I was the youngest employee there. So, when I became the oldest in the office in 2015, I decided that it was a good time to retire!”

Maria and her husband, Joe, have two beautiful daughters and four wonderful grandchildren. She was raised in a family of five by parents who not only taught their children to share their talents, but also taught them to always give back – mostly by living out that belief.

“As Gandhi said, you need to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world,’” Maria said. “When (executive director) Kathie (Collins) approached me about serving as a board member, it was not hard to answer the call, with a YES!”

Serving on the board was a decision also made easier by having personally known someone who was abused as a child.

“Child abuse and neglect is very much in our society and we are not always aware that it takes place – even in our families – until many years later. But, the damage that it causes leaves scars that cannot always be seen, but which never disappear.”

Children are our future and our world, according to Maria, who says she is proud to be part of the Relief Nursery effort – helping create a better future – one child at a time.

Noreen Poole, director

Noreen Poole was born and raised in the Eugene, Oregon area. After graduating from Good Samaritan School of Nursing in Portland, she moved to Bend to work at St. Charles Medical Center in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. She met and married Ken Poole in Bend, after which they moved to “God’s Country,” Ken’s hometown of Ontario, Oregon, raising a son and daughter.

Noreen worked in pediatrics and obstetrics at Holy Rosary Hospital for 19 years before going on to work at St. Luke’s Medical Center in downtown Boise. While there, she was on the Air St. Luke’s Maternal Transport team and specialized in high-risk obstetrics. She recently retired after 34 years of Nursing, joining the TVCRN Board in late 2016.

“During my career, I saw many families that could have benefited from a program like the Children’s Relief Nursery. Some parents just need a boost or the tools to break negative cycles of family dynamics,” Noreen says. “The Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery helps parents and their children do just that. I like the idea of encouraging families to stay together and thrive, not just maintain. I’m honored to be involved in such a positive force in our community.”

Molli Vineyard, director