Mark Oester, and Rachel Bell are here presenting a check for $500 to Kathie Collins.Washington Federal Foundation awarded a grant to Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery for its Family Connection events this year. Mark Oester, manager, and Rachel Bell (left), personal banker, of Washington Federal’s Ontario branch, are here presenting a check for $500 to Kathie Collins, TVCRN’s executive director. The funds will be used for expenses related to monthly gatherings which are a time for parents to learn information about a specific topic related to the health, safety, or wellbeing of their children, such as “Preparing Nutritional Meals on a Budget,” “Halloween Safety,” or “the Importance of Reading to Children.” Sometimes, these events are an opportunity for positive parent-child interactions, such as the “Olympics” in the summer, where a variety of games are played while the importance of regular physical activity is encouraged.