Our Purpose

The Purpose of the Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery is to
Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect.

We help children heal from difficult life experiences and wrap a variety of services around families in crisis to help them rebuild their lives and help their children thrive. We nurture hope.

Teagan Wick’s Senior Project

wick_project2Vale High School’s Teagan Wick chose Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery for her senior project. Teagan helped the home visiting staff by creating some color wheels for the Kindergarten Readiness Project (a partnership with the Malheur Education Service District). Here, Teagan shows how the wheels work, with children in our therapeutic classroom asked questions such as, “What color is the frog?” They then may move a wheel to the correct color, and give a verbal answer as well.

2015 Relief Run Color Blast

2015-run_poster2The Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery is gearing up for its sixth annual Relief Run Saturday, April 25, 2015.

Dancing, Zumba, and outrageous fun will be had from 10 to 10:45 a.m. in the street between Ontario Lions Park and Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. The starting gun for the Relief Run Color Blast fires at 11:00 a.m.

The 5K event will feature walkers, joggers, runners, and strollers getting pelted with paint. (Don’t worry; it’s colored cornstarch – safe enough to eat if you wanted to, but we don’t recommend it!)

Sunglasses and additional paint packets will be available for purchase at $2 each. (And … rumor has it prizes will be available for the team with the best costumes!)

Register online now at Blue Circle Sports!

Celebrate “Pi” Day for TVCRN

2015_PI_Day_pic2The mathematically savvy see 3.14 as “pi,” the mathematical constant of the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. For the rest of us, it signifies March 14 – a day to celebrate with a slice of one’s favorite pie. The latter is definitely more fun! So get a group together, hold a pie auction on or near March 14, give half the proceeds to TVCRN and keep half for your organization!